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Academic Scholarship and Awards

The Adelphic Cornell Educational Fund  (ACEF) makes cash awards each semester (usually at Homecoming and at Spring Initiation) to recognize exemplary scholarship.  Funded by ADPhi Members and ACEF donors like you.  Won't you help by making your contribution today?

Applications for Academic Awards are due 2 weeks in advance of the Semi-annual ACEF meeting in Ithaca. Late applications, if considered, risk rejection or a reduced award amount.

Applicants, (both full members and pledged members) should register their undergraduate membership with the ACEF
(go to Member & Volunteer Forms).  Unregistered applicants risk having their applications rejected.

Applying for an award is as simple as writing a short letter, getting independent verification of a) good standing, b) good citzenship, and c) be current on your Chapter account, and then furnishing an official transcript of your grades from Cornell.

Each semester, as many as 10 awards of up to $500 each will be made for brothers having the highest GPAs in the House.

The Academic Awards are made in memory of Theodore H. Booth '25 and James T. Lewis '27.

An additional award is made in the fall, to the Newly Initiated Brother (NIB) with the highest Spring Semester GPA, in memory and honor of Lt. R. Bruce Hart '84.

Below is a list of criteria for applying for the awards (which recognize your grades for the previous

  • 1) The Undergraduate must have lived at 777 Stewart Ave for the Subject Semester
  • 2) The Undergraduate must have taken at least 13 credit hours of classes the Subject Semester
  • 3) The Undergraduate must be on his college's respective Dean's List for the Subject Semester.  An official transcript is expected, either hardcopy or official link.
  • 4) The Undergraduate must be deemed in Good Standing, and a good citizen* of both the house and the Cornell community by the officers of the House. A note from an officer is expected.
  • 5) Applicants should be current on all housing, chapter fees, and assessments
  • At the discretion of the Commitee and Trustees, AWARDS may be considered for individuals meeting the majority of the criteria.  These are usually for a reduced amount.

*A good citizen is one who participates in House activities especially workdays, cleanups and benefits, has no outstanding financial liabilities to the House, and has not participated in any activities which would cast the brother or the House in a negative light.

If you are interested in applying for an award, either electronically send a short letter describing how you meet each of the above criteria, include a Chapter officer's affirmation of good standing and good citizenship, a Chapter Billing Statement showing nothing due, include an official University transcript link (or have one physically or electronically sent separately), and send it to both: and list the subject as ADPhi Academic Award

or by mail to:

ACEF Academic Awards, C/O Ron Schaefer, P.O. Box 5376, Plainfield, NJ  07061

The ACEF is proud to offer this opportunity to provide cash awards to recognize dedicated scholarship among undergraduate Alpha Delta Phi brothers. If you have made the Dean's List in your college and are a good citizen of the House, we encourage you to apply on a timely basis for these awards.

Feel free to contact us or the Alumni Officers if you have any questions.

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