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    The Adelphic Cornell Educational Fund, (ACEF) was established in the mid 1900’s from the remnants of the Burgess fund and received its ruling as a fully tax exempt 501(c)(3) in 1961. All Trustees and Officers are volunteers and serve without compensation or other remuneration.

    Numerous Scholarships and Awards are Sponsored and Administered by the ACEF. Including the Martin McVoy, Jr. Grants and Scholarships, the James E. Rice, Jr Writing Prize and Adelphic Writing Prizes, the Adelphic Fund Academic Awards for superior achievements, and others.
    As Tuition costs have continued to increase at a rate well in excess of inflation, the ACEF has committed to providing expanded Scholarship support focused on those students with financial need.
    Your Donations in Support of our Programs may be mailed to the address below. (checks payable to Adelphic Cornell Educational Fund). 

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    Make your online contribution using your VISA or MasterCard by going to the following link

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Contact's name Steven D. Ritchey, President of the Board of Trustees

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